The Game Night Blog

The Game Night attendee's guide to events at the Flesher Family Compound (FFC).


Game Night! May 1st!

Just a reminder about Game Night on May 1st. We'll start the games up at 6:00pm and as usual it will go to whenever.

We have a request to play Kremlin. Any other requests?



Been Busy Role Playing

If you're wondering what we've been up to, check out the Succession site.


Deadwood Game Night!

Crystalores Del Ruby

It was an exciting night at the FFC. A game of Bang!, some poker, and alot of Wild West shenanigans. Our big poker winners were Dustin and Shane. The Sheriff (Alex) and his Deputy (Mike C.) saved the town from the renegade and outlaws in Bang!

Check out our slide show on the right side bar!

Drink a beer, gain a life

Look! it's Running Across Blue Water and her finely mustachioed friend Black Jack Carsten


Dungeons and Dragons

Jana and I started a D&D campaign. Check out an excerpt from our first session.


Game Night Tonight!

It'll be a zombie kind of night with several zombie and horror themed games on the agenda. A few people will also be playing a very low stakes poker tournament. If a few kids show up early, we'll play Pirates. We hope to see you there!


Junta on Tuesday!

We are having another rousing game of Junta on Tuesday the 24th at 6:00pm at ol' 318 Nichols Ct.
If you enjoy cut-throat strategy and role playing, come on by. You won't be disappointed.


Spontaneous Gaming Alert!

Our hard work and determination to turn 15C into a geek/nerd bar is paying off. Sunday night we witnessed some very spontaneous cribbage. Check it out:


Last night, Dustin and I polluted the scene even more by working on the D&D world we are creating. On our laptops no less. Hipsters and the social elite ran from the establishment for fear of being infected. Bwaahaha! 15C take over, successful!